Warren Park All Stars

Warren Park All Stars

Guidelines for our Warren Park All-Star Program

Warren Park All Stars 2020

Warren Park-based competitive baseball teams will have two distinctions in 2020: Warren Park All Stars and Chicago Warriors.

Warren Park All Stars is a part-time travel program that is meant to supplement the Warren Park Youth Baseball Little League ("WPYBLL") house program. The program's purpose is to provide house players interested in playing more games, in a more competitive environment, with the opportunity and platform to do so.

Chicago Warriors is a full-time travel program that is independent of Warren Park Youth Baseball Little League and run by Joe Perona of the Chicago Baseball Club. Chicago Warriors play their games at Warren Park in Chicago and the teams support many of current and former WPYBLL players. Chicago Warriors players may also choose the option to also play in the Warren Park house league.

Tryout dates for 2020 Warren Park All Stars

8u,9u,10u,11u/12u All Star tryouts -- Thursday, August 29 at 6 to 8pm field 3 (field with the lights), Wednesday, September 11 at 6 to 8pm. If player does not get offered a spot after first tryout, player should attend 2nd tryout. Player need attend only one tryout. Chicago Baseball Club will conduct player tryout for Warren Park All Stars.

Use the link to register-- All Players must register online for player tryout. Tryout is free.

Warren Park All Stars 2020
8u, 9u,10u,11u/12u age groups

Contact info for Warren Park All Stars-- [email protected]

Warren Park All Stars teams will have a requirement to play house league at Warren Park Youth Baseball. Teams will participate in the Northside 5 travel league and can expect to play 8-12 games in league play. In addition, our All Star teams will play two tournaments on Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July weekend. Games will be played on weekends and/or weekdays that are not in direct conflict with WPYBLL house schedule. Players who try out for these teams should expect to play during these periods. Teams will also be given one practice slot per week during the season. 

Warren Park All Stars coaches will be parents of existing players. Warren Park All Stars teams will attend 2x per week winter training, starting in January, f
or 10 weeks. Winter training is directed and coached by professional coaches of Chicago Baseball Club.

While we will offer tryouts each year for the divisions posted, we do not guarantee that Warren Park will offer a team for each division. There must be a sufficient number of players and committed volunteer coaches offered spots on each team to support that age division.

Chicago Warriors 2020

Chicago Warriors teams are managed by Chicago Baseball Club and are independent of Warren Park Youth Baseball. 

Chicago Warriors offers 2019 teams in the following age divisions: 11u,12u,13u,14u,15u,16u,17u,18u

If you are interested in more information, you can go to the Chicago Baseball Club website at  Chicagobaseballclub.com and view Warriors Tryout information page.

Joe Perona
[email protected]

Warren Park All Stars General Info

Warren Park All Stars (travel) teams will have a tryout in the late summer or early fall for the following year season. We do this so the players of the families can make commitments to next season and also participate in winter baseball training.

Contact info for Warren Park All Stars teams 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u is  [email protected]

The Warren Park All stars is a baseball program for WPYBLL players to play against competetive all star and travel teams from the north side of Chicago and suburbs. The program aims to select the best young baseball players from WPYBLL who can make a substantial time commitment and effort to their spring and summer baseball development. Warren Park All Star players continue to play with their friends in the house league as well.

As a member of District 12 Little League, WPYBLL offers players the opportunity to make our Little League International Tournament team that will play in the Little League district tournament. This Little League International tournament potentially offers us a chance to play in Williamsport, Pennsylvania at the Little Leauge World Series which is televised on ESPN and ABC.

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